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Eyelash Foam Cleanser

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Used to remove makeup, oils, and buildup from natural lashes and extensions.

How To Use:

Apply to the eyelids and lashes with a lash cleansing brush. Gently massage across eyelids, and work foam into the lashes. Rinse off gently with water and pat dry.

Shipping & Returns

For the safety and health of our customers, we do NOT accept returns or exchanges because we are unable to replenish any returned, damaged, or open items owing to sanitary concerns.

Shameinks is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.

Any customer errors (incorrect address, refused/undeliverable orders, etc...) will be the customer's responsibility. If you have any questions after receiving your tracking information, please contact the carrier directly.

Orders are processed 1-3 days after placing order, then shipped.

Care Instructions

- Keep away from children.

- Store in cool or room temperature room.